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Personal Hygiene

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Teaching kids about personal hygiene is very important, especially during flu season when germs wreak havoc on our systems. Kids learn through consistent routines and gentle reminders and at Busy Bee, we encourage good hygiene habits.

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As much as we do our best to teach our students about good personal hygiene, it really does start at home. So, where do you start? Here are a few good habits to instill in your little one now.

Good Hygiene Habit #1: Wash Your Hands

Always set the example for your child by washing your hands after getting them dirty or after using the bathroom. Remind them to use soap when washing their hands to get rid of germs.

Good Hygiene Habit #2: Brush Your Teeth

Dental health is of great importance and you can start brushing your toddler’s teeth when the first tooth pops up! Brushing at least twice a day will keep their teeth clean and you can even sing a song for them while they brush to make sure they brush for at least two minutes.

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Good Hygiene Habit #3: Take a Shower/Bath

Taking a bath is essential for keeping the body clean and this also includes washing hair. Showering washes away dead skin cells, bacteria and oils.

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Good Hygiene Habit #4: Nail Hygiene

Lots of gunk gets stuck under nails and your little one is probably no stranger to getting their hands dirty. Make sure to scrub and use soap to thoroughly clean under their nails. Also, keep an eye on the length of their nails and keep them short to avoid any accidental scratching.

Good hygiene starts with good examples at home. With practice and a consistent schedule, your little one will get used to the habits of keeping clean.

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