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Playing Safe

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One of the best things about being a kid is all the playing you get to do. Playing with toys, playing with friends, playing at the playground, playing at home and playing at school. With all that playtime, who doesn’t love being a kid?

As much as we love playing with kids, even though we may get tired out just watching kids play, we should always communicate about the importance of playing safely with other kids as well as with objects.

Make sure to remind your children that playing nicely means not pushing or touching others when they don’t like it. Although your child may just want to share with friends, if the excitement leads to more than a friendly tap, the other children may feel it is more like a push. And we all know what happens after that.

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Additionally, make sure your kids understand they should not pick up objects that they are not familiar with or that do not belong to them, especially if they are outside. Asking first always helps so remind them to ask you before they want to check something out.

Teaching children about playing with toys is also very important, especially if the toys are hard, like Lego blocks. Some toys even have sharp edges, so please remember to show kids the right way to play with toys and remind them to be careful when playing with pointy or hard objects.

Arts-and-crafts is always a fun time with toddlers. Encouraging a love of creativity sparks curiosity and cognitive development. However, the tools we use should be carefully handled and monitored when kids are around. Be careful with long pointy paintbrushes and scissors. Make sure kids are supervised when using tools that may poke them.

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When playing at home, be mindful of electrical outlets and appliances, like washing machines and ovens, and remind kids not to touch them or play in them. Also be careful of doors that lock without keys to open them. Doorstoppers help with keeping doors open and kids safe from locking themselves inside.

Playing safe starts with talking to your children about the importance of being careful and mindful of others and themselves. When kids are playing safely, we can definitely have more fun and less worry!

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