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Play Dates!

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Play dates are great because they encourage socialization, communication and, theyare just plain fun! For kids, the more they get to play with others, the betterthey get to experience the world as well as each other. They learn to share andcommunicate in addition to learning important social cues. So when it comes to making play dates, we recommend making them often! Here are some great ideas for different kinds of play dates!

Cooking Play Dates

Food brings people together like nothing else. Bring your kids and their friendstogether by hosting a cooking play date! You can teach them how to maketraditional dumplings or perhaps something simpler like building your ownsandwich lunch party! The ideas are endless here and the best part is that you can feed the kids at the same time! Win-Win!


Instead of the usual playground play date, round up your kids and their friends andtake a mini-day trip! Visit a national park, the zoo or an amusement park. Getout for the day and enjoy the good times ahead! 

Sports Play Date

A great way to get the kids and their friends out for a fun afternoon is tosuggest a friendly game of sports! Choose your favourite sport and get a fewfriends together. Meet at an outdoor field or rent an indoor space to play thegame! Be sure to pack lots of snacks and water!

Camping Indoors

If the weather isn’t cooperating for any outdoor play dates, take the partyinside. Kids love role-playing games so suggest an indoor camping party! Maketents with blankets and pillows and have them enjoy an afternoon of campingfun! You can also create fun art and crafts projects for them to do while at their “campsite.” 

Playdates are fantastic and lots of fun! What will you do for your next one?

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