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Busy Hands

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When it comes to working those fine motor skills, it’s great to get them working bykeeping busy hands, well, busy! Here are some of our favourite sensory activities you can do at home to help boost those fine motor skills while having fun! 

Plastic Sensory Baggies

This is a great activity you can make at home and the best part is – no mess! Fill aplastic bag (that can close airtight!) with transparent coloured slime or gel and add small plastic toys. Kids love to squish these baggies and they get to work their fingers and hands while doing so. 

Finger Painting

A great art activity to do that really involves the fingers is finger painting!This may get messy, so make sure the area is covered as well as your child. Use a smock to protect their clothing and then get started. You can use templates to paint in or have them create their own pictures! 

Shape Sorters

If your child likes to play with toys, you can look for shape sorters as they helpwith fine motor skills. These toys are meant for children to find the correct shape and to push the shapes through. Shape sorters are great for younger ones as they begin to use their hands and fingers to hold on to things as they explore their world.

Filling and Sorting

Finally, you can challenge your cute little ones to a game of filling and sortingbottles quickly! Think pom-poms or large beans. You can also get creative by using different utensils like spoons or chopsticks (for the older kids!). Adding a twist to this game is great too like hiding the items to fill the jars with!The possibilities are endless!

Keep those busy hands busy with these great ideas!

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