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Playground Safety Tips

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This time of year is when everyone likes to be outside! The weather is great and thedays seem longer with the sun out for most of the day! When enjoying the greatoutdoors, you’ll surely be playing at the playgrounds so here are a few tips tokeep in mind to make it a safe and enjoyable time with your kids.

MiniFirst Aid Kit

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This is always a good idea in case you run into any unexpected trips or falls whileoutside. Keep a few first aid supplies on you such as alcohol wipes, band-aids,tissue, and ointment for wounds. You never know when you’ll need to use thesesupplies, but it doesn’t hurt to keep them on you when you’re out and about. We like keeping this mini kit in a small pouch so that it’s easy to lug around in a purse or bag.


When you are at the playground, it is always a good idea to remind your kids to playnicely with the other kids. This includes reminding them to share and taketurns with the fun equipment and to be friendly with others. Most of the time,kids just want to have fun and play so this should be an easy reminder. If any conflicts arise, make sure to talk it out with the kids. They will see that if any problems come up, all they need to do is to talk it out and communicate. When it’s resolved amicably, they can go back to having fun.

DoNot Touch

At the playground, your kids may want to run around and explore. This is all goodand fine, until they start investigating with their tiny hands! Remind yourkids not to touch things that are not meant to be touched (such as doggie poop,different wild plants, garbage). 


Finally, after coming back from a nice long play time at the playground, make sure tohave your kids wash their hands once returning home. Keep the germs at bay andstay healthy with clean routines.

We hope these tips make your next visit to the playground fun and safe!

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