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Fun Zoo Ideas

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With the weather just getting nicer and nicer, it’s a great time to head outdoorsand do something fun! Why not spend a day at the zoo? Not only is it a greatway to get some exercise (walking around), but also great for the kids to see differentspecies of animals from around the world! Here are some fun ideas you can incorporate into your zoo day! 


Scavenger Hunt 

Prepare a list of animals you’d like to see at the zoo. Make them interesting andunique and check off the ones that you see! Make a point to ask your kids aboutwhich animals they would like to see too and add them to your scavenger list.How many will you find? 


Young Artist 

Bring a sketchbook and ask your kids to draw their top three favourite animals! It’snot every day that you get to see your “model” in real life. After the day atthe zoo, you can have them paint the sketches and hang them up on the wall likea real artist! 


Photo bombers 

Another fun idea to try is to take funny pictures with the animals. Pose in a funny wayso that they are in the background like a “photobomber.” Print up theinteresting pictures and make a mini-scrapbook afterwards! It will make for afun (and funny) trip down memory lane! 


Picnic Lunch 

Stop for lunch with your own little picnic! There are usually grassy areas at thezoo or you can even look for benches and have a relaxing picnic lunch outside!It will be a fun way to have a break and to enjoy the great outdoors! We like:sandwiches, charcuterie boards, fruit and, of course, lots of hydrating water! 


Try some of these fun ideas next time you visit the zoo! 


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Have a BEE-utiful day!