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Preschool Jitters

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So, … you’re not sure whether or not you want to enroll your little one in preschool yet. You wonder if it’s too soon for them or if they will adjust well to the other kids and teachers. And what about separation anxiety? Will they miss you too much? Will you?


Many parents have valid concerns before sending their child to preschool for the first time – it’s a huge milestone in growing up and being more independent. We completely understand. It definitely is a huge decision to make, yet could be one of the best ones you do make for your child. Read on for why!


Reason #1: Socialization

Preschool is a great place to meet new friends and to begin learning how to socialize. This helps children learn how to communicate, share, listen and play with others. They also learn many social rules that will help them in the future.


Reason #2: Learning Environment

Through various activities that incorporate visual aids, movement and audio sounds and words, children learn about the world around them as well as traditional lessons. This is where they learn about the alphabet, colours, shapes, days, months and even the weather.


Reason #3: Routines and Good Habits

At preschool, classes follow a set schedule and so, children will begin to learn different routines and develop a sense of time. They will begin to form good habits such as cleaning up after play time and washing their hands after using the washroom.


Reason #4: Becoming Independent

Children also learn to start doing many things on their own. This includes small tasks such as putting trash in the bin and taking off/putting on their shoes. When eating, they will also learn to hold their own utensils and feed themselves. We believe by encouraging them to do tasks on their own, it helps to build self-confidence and helps children become more independent.


Reason #5: FUN!

Probably the most important reason we can think of is that preschool is just plain FUN! Where else can you play with different toys, do arts and crafts, sing songs, dance and play all day while learning! Preschool is a fun place for kids and over time, they will love coming to school.


If you haven’t already, we hope you choose to enroll your little one in preschool. Make their childhood memorable, educational and FUN!


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Have a BEE-utiful day!


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