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Sensory Play: Water

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One of our sensory play activities that we have introduced this year at Busy Bee is playing with water! The goal of our sensory play at mid-day circle time is to help children become familiar with using their different senses and to help with motor skills development.

During this activity, we have different toys we use for playing with water and the kids love it! We try to keep it fun and interesting, and not too messy. To incorporate playing with water at home, here are a few activities you can try!

Activity #1: Filling Water Cups

Using a large, deep container, fill cups with water and have your child fill other cups with water as well. This also works well during bath time in a tub.

Activity #2: Fishing For Treasure

Gather different toys that can be immersed in water and create a mini ocean tank. Fill a large transparent container with water and drop the “treasure” into the tank. Then have long spoons or fishing rods to help your child fish for treasure! This is super fun for kids to try!

Activity #3: Using A Baster

Another great tool for building fine motor skills is using a baster. Fill a large container with water and use a baster to fill different cups with water. Or simply play with the baster and see how much water can be transferred from one container to another.

Activity #4: Water Balloons

As the weather is heating up, a great way to cool down and play with water is with water balloons. Fill balloons with water and practice passing them around until they break. Of course make sure you are outside in a park before you throw them. This is a great way to enjoy the hot weather while getting a bit wet.

We hope these fun activities keep your toddlers busy and interested in water, all while working their motor skills!

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Have a BEE-utiful day!


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