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Sensory Activities For Fall

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Fall is an amazing time of year. There’s a chill in the air and the leaves startturning gorgeous colours. It’s beautiful! This is the perfect time to prepare fun fall activities for your little ones using the natural elements, which will make it even more special. Here are some wonderful sensory activities for fall you can try out today!    

Fall Sensory Bin 

Taking inspiration from the changing colours of fall, fill a bin with coloured rice orcorn, pine cones, and leaves you can pick up from a stroll outside. Playing with different items in the bin also adds to the fun of these awesome sensory bins!    

Mess-Free Sensory Bags 

For a mess-free experience, you can create fun sensory bags filled with colouredslime, leaves, glitter and other interesting finds from a walk outdoors. Think acorns, twigs and small pebbles. These bags are great at keeping the mess contained without compromising on fun!   

Writing Trays 

This activity is excellent for teaching kids about letters while still engaging thesenses. Fill a tray with dry rice or corn kernels. Have them either use their fingers or a paintbrush to draw out letters.    

Sensory activities are great for engaging kids and having them explore the worldthrough their five senses. We hope you enjoy trying out these fun fall activities!    

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