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Sensory Play

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Sensory Play

As part of our daily curriculum, we have introduced sensory play for our mid-day circle time. Each week we rotate between different focuses such as dancing, observing and shadow play. One of our focuses is cooking and the kids have really been loving this activity!

The obvious reason why we love this activity as much as the kids is because we get to use our hands and work our gross motor skills. We also have the opportunity to introduce one of the essential life skills we will all learn about in life, which is cooking. The children love playing with dough that they make and the interesting way it feels in their hands. But the fun doesn’t have to stop at school. Read on for some ways to include cooking as part of the fun, learning activities you do at home!

Activity #1: Make Dough Figurines

Using flour and water, make dough with your child and enjoy forming different shapes with your hands. You can also use cookie cutters to create awesome shapes like stars, hearts and gingerbread men. Afterwards, set the dough aside and allow it to dry. You can then paint them and hang them as ornaments around your house!

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Activity #2: Make Cookies

Gather ingredients and make your own cookies at home! If you have an oven or toaster oven, you will be able to make simple cookies. Search for recipes online. There are many that use very simple and few ingredients! Alternatively, you can buy cookie mix at the store, which requires only water and eggs. This is a great way to spend an afternoon and you’ll have a tasty treat to share too!

Activity #3: Traditional Food

Another wonderful way to explore cooking with your child is to have them involved in making traditional food. Many great recipes come from your own family so why not include your child next time you and your family make your own signature dishes. They can help with simple tasks such as cleaning and washing the vegetables. They can also help with mixing or even putting dumplings together. Having fun while making food is always a win-win.

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Activity #4: High Tea Time

This is a great way to make a quick and easy snack while having fun with your toddler. Make simple cucumber or egg sandwiches and have your child help to put the sandwiches together. Once you have the ingredients together, slice the bread so that the pieces are small enough for your child to make sandwiches. Have your child use their (clean) hands to put the sandwiches together. Cucumber sandwiches are easy to put together and also tasty too! Make a little picnic area at home and have some water and tea (for the adults) and enjoy your tea time!

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Activity #5: Food Prep Help

Another great way to get your child interested and excited about food is to ask them to help with putting their lunches together. You can ask them to help wash vegetables and fruit or ask them what kind of lunch they may like to have. They can also help put their snacks together if they are easy for them to handle such as getting a handful of nuts or berries and putting them into a container.

Playing with your food has never been more fun! We hope you enjoy these activities with your little tots at home!

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