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How To Beat Sick Days!

With winter’s dropping temperatures come the inevitable flu season. Coughing, runny noses, fevers and chills. No one likes getting sick (obviously), and we can all do without more doctor visits, so what can we do to stay healthy this winter? Read on for some tips on how to beat sick days (for you and your children)!

Tip #1: Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for our body to recover and recuperate after a long day. When we sleep, our bodies go to work to heal and relax which can also help reduce inflammation. Keeping a consistent sleep schedule for your young one will also be beneficial and help with waking up as well, as our bodies get used to an internal clock. Get rest and plenty of it this winter!

Tip #2: Probiotics

Did you know a healthy gut also helps with immunity? Our gut contains the highest concentration of microbes in our body. These microbes help build strong immune systems, so making sure your child is exposed to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is crucial in diversifying the bacteria in their stomachs. Probiotics can be found naturally in yoghurt and in fermented foods like kimchi and miso soup.

Tip #3: Don’t Share Food

When colds are rampant, it is best not to share food and never to share utensils with others to keep the germs at bay. Remind your child not to touch others’ lunch or snacks and to eat their own meals.

Tip #4: Cover Your Mouth (With Your Elbow)

Sneezing and coughing will be inevitable, but it is always a good habit to teach your children to cover their mouths with their elbow. By doing so, they do not spread germs if they were to cover their mouths with their hands and then go on to touch other objects or people. Good manners to instill early on!

Tip #5: Wash Your Hands

Increased washing of hands is a great way to keep our hands clean and germ-free this winter. In addition, sanitizing with hand sanitizer is also a fast and easy way to ensure clean hands before meals and after playing or touching objects.

Tip #6: Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been known to boost the immune system and incorporating Vitamin C naturally into your diet is quite easy: citrus fruit! Vitamin C is found naturally in oranges, kiwis, lemons, and grapefruit. Vitamin C is also found in vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower too!

Tip #7: Sick Day

Of course, when we do get sick (and it happens to the best of us!), it is always best to see a doctor and to stay at home and rest. If your child has symptoms of a cold or the flu, please seek medical attention and refrain from bringing them into school until they are feeling much better.

With these tips, you will hopefully have less sick days this winter and enjoy more of the season with your loved ones! Stay healthy and happy!

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