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How We Do “Time Out”

When kids come to school, it is inevitable that a few (or maybe more) tears will be shed. The reasons range from missing mommy to being in a new environment to not getting a toy they wanted. No doubt it is a tough situation to see, but handling it doesn’t have to be. A little “time out” doesn’t hurt and here’s a look into how we do “time out” at Busy Bee.

Step #1: Let’s Take It Outside

When a child starts crying in the class, for whatever reason they do, we take them outside to another room or in the hallway so as not to disturb the others.

Step #2: Have a Good Cry

We assure the child it is ok to cry and to cry as much as they’d like to. We tell them that after they cry, we will talk.

Step #3: Sit Properly

We encourage the child to sit properly while in time out and help them calm down by just sitting with them and waiting for them to stop crying.

Step #4: Let’s Talk

Once the child has calmed down and stopped crying, we explain why they are in time out and that it is not that much fun in time out. We explain that being in the classroom is much more fun than being in time out.

Step #5: Let’s Take a Look

We will then show them how much more fun it is in the classroom and ask if they want to join in the fun. Usually they agree it is more fun in there!

Step #6: Welcome Back

Finally, we go back to the classroom and welcome back our student!

With patience and time, most kids adjust well to their surroundings and understand that time out isn’t that much fun. They know that it is ok to cry, but that they must finish crying before coming back to the class. We want kids to know there is a place for crying and that when they are ready, they may return to the class and return to the fun!

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