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Sight Word Games

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Sight words are words in English that need to be learned by recognizing them ratherthan by sounding them out. These words are frequently used in children’s booksas many learn them by repeatedly seeing them in use. There are many ways to goabout teaching sight words, such as using flash cards and by reading. Another way is through games!   

Here are three games that are great for teaching sight words. Give them a go nexttime you wish to review sight words!   

Memory Cards 

This is a twist on the traditional memory card game where you try to make a match ofthe same image or object. This time, your child is looking for the same word.As you’re playing, remember to constantly say the word out loud that they arelooking for.   

Four in a Row 

Forth is game, print up boards that have sight words on them in a grid.Alternatively, you may also create your own. The goal of the game is to getfour words in a row. When you play with another player, each takes a turn tograb a spot on the grid. Each player must say the word out loud before putting a marker on the spot. The first to four in a row wins!   

Race to the Top 

For this game, have a grid of sight words with an additional row at the bottom thathas numbers 1 to 6. Using a die each, each player rolls a number and places amarker in the corresponding numbered column after saying the word out loud. Thefirst one to the top wins!   

We love using games to teach children and hope you will too!   

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