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Spring Clean Up!

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With spring well underway, we are treated to nicer weather, green grass and everything new again! During this time, we love doing a spring clean up at home and encourage you to do the same! It’s always nice to come home to a clean place and now with spring here, there are a few extra things to keep in mind while cleaning up!

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Change Clothes

Spring is a great time to pack away the winter clothes and take out your spring and summer clothing from storage! This is also a great time to do a purge of all the winter clothing you don’t need anymore. Donate or sell used clothing to lighten your load.

Clean House

Sometimes a deep clean is a nice way to make sure you get all those pesky corners and nooks often forgotten in the day-to-day clean up. Use disinfectant sprays under fridges and sofas. Clean out cabinets and wipe down surface areas not often cleaned.

Expired Food

Take a good look at food in your fridge, specifically sauces and canned goods. Sometimes we forget to check the expiry dates and things just end up taking valuable real estate in our fridges and cabinets. Throw out expired food or make sure to use up the ones that are close to it.

Medicine Cabinet

Finally, we recommend going through your medicine cabinet and checking the expiry dates on any meds you have. Then, stock up on those that are expired. This also goes for any supplements you have. Make sure your household stays healthy with unexpired meds!

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Spring-cleaning is definitely in the air! Have you done yours?

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