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Garden Party!

Come see the buzz!

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With the nice weather we’re experiencing, it’s a great time to get outside! Have a garden party and teach your little ones about nature, plants and the environment. Here are some fun activities to try!   Plant Flowers What’s spring without some spring flowers? Get some flower bulbs, seeds or fully-grown flowers and plant them in a garden. If you don’t have the space, you can always get flowerpots for the balcony or windowsill. Kids will love the smell of fresh flowers every day!   

Vegetable Garden If you have the space, a vegetable garden is another fun project for the family! Tomatoes, carrots and potatoes are great to plant and fun for kids to watch them get bigger over time. It’s also a great way to teach them about food and healthy eating!   Bug Hunt Another fun way to get outside is to go on a bug hunt! It’s always fun to check out what’s crawling around in your garden or at the park. You can show your kids all the different insects that live in the garden. Springtime is the perfect time for exploring!   

Picnics Sometimes, you just want to enjoy the garden. Have a picnic or a tea party! Get your kids involved with preparing a simple lunch and take it outside. Spend a lazy afternoon outside enjoying the sun and good weather! What an awesome way to have a garden party!   

Here’s to more great weather and even more garden parties!    

Come and see the buzz! 

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