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We love birthdays and we know kids do too! When they start to realize their birthday comes only once a year, they start to get excited as the days draw near! It’s a wonderful time to remind us of the milestones they have achieved as well and always a great time to get everyone together in celebration!

So when it comes to birthdays, creating special birthday traditions make them even more special. Whether you have already planned them out or are starting to think of them now, here are a few ideas to help you along the way. Birthday traditions really create those amazing memories your kids will remember forever!

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Birthday Scrapbook

Create a special scrapbook to capture all of the moments of that special day. Include pictures, birthday cards, tickets to places you went to that day and even a bit of wrapping paper that was used for gifts. Get creative and have your kids help out after the celebration each year to add to the scrapbook. It is a great way to keep track of those special times.

Special Treats

A birthday wouldn’t be complete without some special treats on that day! Prepare a special dish or treat that you serve especially on birthdays so that everyone can look forward to that yummy dessert or savoury dish! The fact that it is eaten only once a year makes it even more special.

Music and Dance

Another way to commemorate a birthday is to incorporate music into the day. Create a fun birthday dance or make up your own version of a “Happy Birthday” song to sing to on their birthday. This makes it extra unique to your family, as only your family would know it. Record it each year to see how well you can perfect the song or moves!

Birthday traditions are super fun to think up and to do each year. They are a great way to bond with family and to honour each growing year!

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