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Embrace Nature

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Some of our best teachers and classrooms are right outside our front door! Getting children outside into nature is a great way to teach them all about nature and the environment. Learning to embrace our awesome world teaches them all about animals, plants and how the earth sustains life for us all.

Some ways to get kids outdoors would be to go on hikes with them in forests or on nature walks. While outdoors, have them look around and take in the beauty of the different trees and plants. Stop and look at the different insects on the ground and see if they can recognize any of them. Of course, be careful if they want to touch anything as some insects and plants may be poisonous or cause allergic reactions.

If hiking trails are not a nearby option, a park or zoo would be great too! Getting outdoors and being around nature is a great way to relax. Going on a daily stroll in a park is a fun way to incorporate nature into your day with your little ones. Visiting the zoo is fun for kids to see all different kinds of animals they wouldn’t normally see in their day-to-day life.

If you have time for an extended weekend getaway or a short holiday, going away to a cottage is the perfect way to be in nature for a few days. Soak in the sun and go on hikes around the area to enjoy all of nature’s wonders. If you have a pair of binoculars, you can also look for different species of birds or butterflies on your walks around the cottage. This is a great way to show your kids the different flora and fauna that surround us.

Finally, visiting an aquarium brings the wonders of the ocean to your kids. Seeing different kinds of marine animals and plants never gets old, so planning a day trip to the aquarium is also a great way to embrace nature.

Getting kids to embrace nature helps them understand more about this wondrous world we live in! Have fun, get outside, and enjoy nature!

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