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Summer Camp 2021!

Come see the buzz!

We are getting really excited for this year's summer camp starting June 28, 2021! It will run for 8 weeks and end on August 20, 2021. This year we will have new themes to introduce to all of the students which are:

With each new theme comes new activities for our Art class, Science class, and Engineering class! For our writing/letters class and math/numbers class, we will be doing a big review over the summer camp like we always do to help prepare our students for the fall semester.

Here's our 2-4 class schedule for the summer:

Here's our 4-6 class summer schedule:

Our program is quite comprehensive and covers many fun and engaging activities for your child. We are theme-based, play-based, and we definitely focus on "whole child development" especially in the areas of social and emotional, cognitive, language, and physical. We start at 1920 RMB/week and the seats will be filled up quite fast, so we suggest to call today and book your spot before it's too late!

Call Today! To find out about our EARLY BIRD SPECIALS!!!

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