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Keeping things clean is not only the right thing to do, but now, more than ever, is such an important part of the day. With everything that has been happening in the world, it is crucial to remember to keep surfaces clean throughout the day and to incorporate it into your daily routine.

What works best is to keep to a daily cleaning schedule and to rotate responsibilities among the staff. Cleaning is definitely a job for all of us so make sure to pitch in and “get your hands dirty,” so to speak.

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Daily cleaning chores include spraying down tables and chairs with disinfectant, mopping the floor after lunchtime and making sure the washrooms are cleaned regularly. Also getting children involved in the process will help to teach them that cleaning is important and everyone’s job. You can have them clean up their play areas after playtime is over as well as ask them to clean up their table areas after lunch.

Good hygiene practices also include making sure toys are disinfected on a regular basis and any other surfaces that are frequently touched by children. A great way to keep the play areas and classrooms clean is by using a UV light disinfection tool. These are great to eliminate pathogens in your space.

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Finally, remember to keep everyone safe and healthy by implementing good hygiene habits. Sanitize little hands as they come in for the day, wash hands before eating lunch and snacks, and definitely after using the washroom. Remind children to sneeze into their elbows if they need to and to use tissues if they need to blow their nose.

Hopefully everyone will form good hygiene habits at home as well. You can always remind them to stay clean at home by washing hands frequently. Teaching children to keep clean is very important for their health! Let’s all pitch in and keep our hygiene habits in check!

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