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Summer Water Activities

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Summer Water Activities

When you think about summer, what comes to mind? For us, we definitely think of fun water activities! If you aren’t going to the beach this summer, no worries! We have thought of several exciting water activities you can do with your little one that’s just as fun!

Summer Water Activity #1: Water Balloon Fun

Fill balloons with water and play with them outside. Don’t forget to wear a bathing suit or a swimming top and bottom because when you throw those balloons around, you’re bound to get wet! This is exactly what makes this a fun and refreshing activity when the weather is nice and hot!

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Summer Water Activity #2: Go To A Swimming Pool

The classic summer scene: swimming in a pool (hopefully outside) to enjoy fun in the sun! If you aren’t going to a beach this summer, bring the water to you! Enjoy swimming at an outdoor pool or try swimming lessons this summer with your toddler! There are great swimming programs for young kids around town and summer is a great time to start!

Summer Water Activity #3: Water Guns

Another fun way to play with water this summer is with water guns. There are some intense soakers on the market now and you can definitely get cooled down quickly with these soakers this summer. Be sure to play outside though in a park or open area!

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Summer Water Activity #4: Water Tank Exploration

If you don’t feel like getting soaked from head to toe, you can always set up a water tank outside for your little one to explore. A large transparent plastic container works well. Fill it with water and add different water toys or objects for your child to touch and play with. Cups and toy shovels also work well for little hands to keep busy.

Make this summer a refreshing one with these fun water activities! Be safe and have fun!

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