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Teacher Jars

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We are all about great ideas for the classroom and hope they help all you teachersout there keep your days organized while keeping it fun! This article is about just that – a great way to keep things in their place so you can get on with your day!   

Jars are a great way to keep things you use on a daily basis close by and in sight.The fact that you can see what’s inside definitely helps. Read on for some ways to use jars in your classroom today!   

Crayons / Markers / Coloured Pencils 

Large jars are great for keeping these colouring tools around in a handy spot. Ithelps that jars are clear to see what’s inside, so these are perfect for keeping your supply shelves organized.   

Ribbons / String 

When your containers start getting full of tangled stringy messes, it might be timeto move them over into jars. They are perfect storage alternatives for ribbons, string and other art supplies.   

Magic Clay 

If you use magic clay, you’ll know that it needs to stay in airtight enclosures toavoid hardening. Jars are a great way to keep them fresh as they have airtight lids. Use smaller plastic baggies to separate colours, too.    

Ear Swabs / Cotton Balls 

For those items that you may need for first aid and want to keep sterile, useairtight jars to keep them safe! They make great containers for ear swabs and cotton balls.    

Reward Jars 

Finally, if you have a reward system in your classroom, keeping a jar full of rewards insight will help to motivate kids! Since they can see the rewards, that will hopefully encourage great behaviour! Some rewards could be stickers, small toys or even some sweet treats!   

Next time you’re organizing your classroom, think about incorporating jars! Theykeep your supplies handy and accessible!   

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