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Teacher Management

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A well-run classroom depends on its team and supporting members. We are truly grateful for our awesome team and wouldn’t be where we are without them!

When it comes to managing our team, we have found some best practices for curious minds! Here are a few of them.

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Setting Expectations

For any role, a good way to manage new hires is to set expectations of the role at the onset. We outline duties and responsibilities very clearly and make sure everyone is onboard with what is expected of them. Along with that, we definitely support them as much as possible to get them comfortable with their job.

Learning Curve

There will always be a learning curve in any new job, so we like to have new teachers shadow our staff to see how things are done. This helps with getting to know the job and the responsibilities.


Oh yes. We like to keep everyone on his or her toes (in a good way of course) and also to keep our program details fresh in everyone’s mind. We like to have our staff take monthly quizzes to keep up-to-date with our program! We find this helps with reinforcing our company values and basic info especially when teachers discuss our program at demos.

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Team Building

Lastly, we love, love, LOVE our team building activities! We appreciate our dedicated staff and enjoy spending time with each other. Team building is a great way to get to know each other better and in a different setting other than at work. It’s also a whole lot of fun!

Teamwork definitely makes the dream work! We couldn’t be prouder of our staff!

Come and see the buzz! Only at Busy Bee!

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