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Organizing Your Classroom

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When it comes to your classroom, keeping it organized and tidy is a priority. This helps so that you know where everything is at all times and this makes it easier to navigate your day! Here are a few key areas to keep organized from the get-go!

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School Supplies

At preschool, your supplies will be used every single day! Whether it’s for art or for science, keeping a well-stocked area of supplies is essential. We like to keep everything in bins with labels on shelves. For the surplus supplies, we put them in closets or cabinets.

Toys and Books

Our toys are also in labeled bins and on shelves, which makes it easier for clean-up time. Kids also start to learn to place the same toys together, keeping the classroom tidy. We make sure the toys line the room to make more space for tables and other areas of the classroom. Books are also kept on bookshelves, so make sure books are always put back after use.

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Circle Time

Another space that gets used daily is the Circle Time area. Although this area can sometimes be an open space in the classroom or a corner of it, we like to differentiate it with the decorations on the wall. Keep any tools like flash cards in tidy piles or trays to keep them in one place.


Finally, we have an area for cubbies that keep each student’s belongings in. Make sure to clean their bins regularly and have labels on their cubbies to keep track. We typically leave any handouts or art projects that will go home with them in their cubbies as well.

Keeping the classroom well organized helps with managing the day! We hope you keep yours tidy and neat!

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