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Using Your Words

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You get so excited to hear your child’s first words. Then it’s simple sentences you applaud. Soon after, you’re conversing with your child and it’s wonderful! All is well until … it’s not. When your child starts getting frustrated, you may find they will lose their ability to speak their feelings and just use body language to express themselves. This is completely normal as they are still developing their communication skills while dealing with their varied emotions. So, how do you encourage your kids to continue using their words no matter what the situation? Read on for our tips!

Be Their Example

One of the best ways to keep them talking is to be their example. Children learn by observing and when they see you using your words to express your thoughts and feelings, they will likely mimic this behaviour. Explain to them what you were thinking when you did something or just have a running commentary when you are doing an activity.

Praise Good Behaviour With Words

Another very important tip is to recognize good behaviour in your toddler and acknowledge it as soon as it happens with words. Tell them when they do something right or when they have used their words properly to express their feelings. You can also thank them for using their words as well to encourage them to continue their good behaviour.

Expand Their Vocabulary

To improve your child’s language skills, introduce new words to them. This is vital in expanding their vocabulary. You can do this by reading to them and exploring different words based on themes. This is also a great reason to have them enroll in a preschool where they will be exposed to all different, new words. By giving them more words to use, they will be better equipped in using language to articulate themselves.

Use Positive Words

When talking to your children, use positive words to express yourself. This will reinforce a more optimistic point of view and instill a good feeling within them. Use phrases such as: You are so loved. You always make me smile. My world is a better place with you in it. These phrases may also inspire them to think positively and to react in positive ways.

Using words to convey feelings and thoughts will help build language skills as well as allow children to have an important outlet for their emotions. We hope these tips will be helpful for you and yours!

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