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Benefits of Preschool

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You’ve been toying with the idea of sending your little one to preschool but aren’t sure if you should. Is it too soon to send them off to school or should you keep them at home? It is a big decision to make so it’s a great idea to explore the benefits of preschool! Read on for our top reasons to consider preschool for your toddler.

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Benefit #1: Routines and Repetition

At preschool, every day is a busy one with lots of different fun activities. The best part about it is the schedule. Kids become accustomed to the routines and this helps them structure their days. Children also learn loads from repetition; hence the songs with catchy choruses, all meant to help children learn their basics like the alphabet, colours, numbers and shapes.

Benefit #2: Socialization

A huge incentive to sending your child to preschool is for the socializing aspect. Children learn a lot from being around other kids and at school they have an opportunity to play with them. They learn how to share, take turns, communicate and respect one another. Preschool is a safe and fun space to experience this part of growing up.

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Benefit #3: Language Skills

Another huge benefit to preschool is the language building that happens. Not only will your child benefit from observing others speak in a new language (perhaps a second one too if English is not your mother tongue), but they will also have the chance to practice speaking as well, improving their language skills.

Benefit #4: Creative Activities

At preschool, your child will participate in many different activities and one of the favourites among them is the arts and crafts they will do! This is a great time for them to get their creative juices flowing, have fun and work on their fine motor skills.

Benefit #5: Building Self-Confidence

One last benefit that shouldn’t go unnoticed is how your children will build self-confidence while at preschool. They will learn to do things on their own, such as feeding themselves with utensils, handling art supplies and putting on their own shoes and jackets. It may not seem like much, but when it comes to kids, these seemingly minor tasks actually aid in building their independence and self-confidence. They will learn to do things on their own and also realize that they CAN do it on their own!

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Preschool is a great place to learn and to have fun! We hope to see more of you soon!

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