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Happy Chinese New Year!

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The Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, is undoubtedly the most important holiday celebrated in China! Every new lunar year is ushered in with lots of excitement, joy and hope. It’s a time when many families have the chance to get together and celebrate.

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This new lunar year will be the Year of the Ox. According to Chinese legend, the Jade Emperor was to decide the zodiac order of the animals. Based on when they arrived to his party, the order would be finalized. It was supposed to be the ox, but the rat had quickly jumped off of the ox after getting a ride with it. Thus, the ox became the second animal in the Chinese zodiac.

The Year of the Ox begins on February 12th this year! To celebrate, many families will gather and share a feast with lots of traditional Chinese dishes such as fish, glutinous rice cakes, dumplings, sweet rice balls and longevity noodles. Sounds delicious!

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Another tradition during Chinese New Year is to give red pockets, or hong bao. These lucky red envelopes filled with money are given to children, family members, friends and employees to symbolize good fortune for the coming year. How awesome is that?!

Chinese New Year is definitely a wonderful holiday to celebrate with loved ones and a time to reflect back on the past year with fond thoughts. What lessons did you learn? How will you face the new lunar year? It is also a time to look forward to new possibilities, opportunities and hope for the future!

How will you celebrate this year? We hope that whatever you do, you stay safe, healthy and happy! Cheers to a brand new lunar cycle and Happy Chinese New Year!

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