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Back To School!

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September ushers in the next school term and everything awesome about back-to-school! Welove going back to school and getting ready for it goes hand-in-hand with thisspecial time of year. Are you ready? Besides the usual supplies you may get,here are a few other areas you might want to keep in mind when getting your little one ready for another school year!   

Contact Information 

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Keeping safety in mind is always a great idea and one that is definitely needed foryoung ones. Remember to keep an identification tag on their clothes, bagsand/or lunch boxes. If you can teach them to memorize their home phone numberor your mobile number, that would be ideal as well.    


If your toddler has any known allergies, such as a peanut allergy or any otherfood sensitivity, it is imperative that their teachers know about it. Make sureto inform all parties about their allergies and start teaching your kids tobeware of their own allergies. If they have medical devices (such as EpiPens), make sure they know where they are at all times and how to use them or at least how to tell someone how to use it. This will be an ongoing lesson for them as repetition will help with remembering these important details they need to know.   

Pep Talks 

If this year is the first year of preschool for your young one or if they aregoing to a new school, pep talks will help with getting them mentally ready forleaving home and going somewhere new for the majority of their day. Talk tothem about where they will be going, explain how much fun they will have and show them where their new school will be with visits to and from the school before school begins. This will help get them familiar with their new school routine.   


Finally, a great way to get your little one ready for school is to talk to them abouttheir manners. This could include talking to them about playing nicely withothers, taking turns with toys and listening to the teachers. This will reinforcegood habits for your little ones especially when they are back with other children in a social setting. Reminding them of these great habits will make the transition from summer to back-to-school easy and fun. They will start to look forward to seeing old and new friends again as well as their teachers!    

Looking forward to back-to-school time? So are we! See you there!   

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