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Teacher Tips For Back To School

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When the days start getting a bit shorter and the summer sun is starting to set, weknow it’s about that time again for BACK-TO-SCHOOL! Getting ready for a new school year is exciting and to get all you teachers ready, here are our best pro tips for making sure your September is amazing!   

Clean-Up Time 

This is the best time to do a deep clean of your classroom. Clean all the bins,toys, play areas and make sure to disinfect surfaces and corners. Throw out any old supplies as well and repair any books that may need some tender loving care. During the year, books may get torn or pages ripped, so now is the perfect time to check your books and fix what needs fixing. Also, this is a great time to organize your classroom and get it ready for September!   

Inventory and Restock 

Go over all your supplies that you have and do a restocking of what you will needfor the upcoming term. Remember to go over your art projects, science and STEM activities that you have planned and restock your supplies. Also check out your first-aid kit and make sure everything is still within the expiry period. Doing this ahead of time will be a real timesaver.    

Lesson Planning Prep 

After the supplies are taken care of, it is always a good idea to review the upcominglesson plans you have. Make note of the themes you will cover, the activities you will do and the props needed for each week such as flash cards. Also, getting art samples created now will also save time during the busy months ahead. Getting started now will allow for a smooth term ahead!   

Tech Support 

Lastly, ensure that all your electronic devices are working and that you have all thesongs ready for the year. Check the speakers, air purifiers, UV light cleaners, etc. Make sure everything is in running order.    

When all the prep work is done, relax and look forward to a brand new year oflearning, laughter and fun!    

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