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Summer Me Time

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As much as everyone loves preparing fun play dates, different activities andvacation time for the kids during the summer, we all need time to ourselves torecuperate and relax. This is totally ok and we definitely support “Me Time”!After a summer of going out and enjoying the great weather and activities outside, don’t forget about you and the importance of having time to yourself as well. Not only will it help with decreasing stress levels, but will also aid in keeping your mental health in check. Here are some great ways to relax and unwind after a long summer!   

Facial Masks 

These facial masks are great for many reasons! With the summer sun beating down onyou daily, your skin will love having this cool refreshment to recover from theheat and sun damage. It’s also great to have on as you relax and chill out forabout thirty minutes. Turn on some relaxing tunes and let the mask do its magic.   


Massages are great. Wonderful. All the feels. Your body goes through enough on a dailybasis, so treat it with some good old fashioned massage therapy. This is theultimate total body relaxation treat you can give yourself!   

Table for One 

Sometimes you just need a break during the day. Grab a bite to eat and make it a solotrip! Try something new to eat or enjoy your meal on a patio. Savour the alonetime and eat to your heart’s content!   


If your schedule doesn’t really allow you any time away, this is a great way torelax your mind and body without having to leave home. There are many benefitsto meditation as it helps ease your mind and relax your body. Try a guidedmeditation if you’re new to it. There’s no time restraint when it comes to meditating so even if you have five minutes, take a moment for yourself. You’ll be so glad you did!   

Your time is just as important as the time you spend on others. Treat yourself andsay cheers to another great summer in the books!   

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Have a BEE-utiful day!