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Bedtime Rituals

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After a long day of schooling, working and just doing all the things that keep yourworld turning, it’s a nice respite from the busy day to just calm down andrejuvenate. This time can be so restful and relaxing and when you incorporateyour bedtime rituals into your schedule, it will be a welcome routine to get ready for bed. Mix in your little ones and you’ve got something great to look forward to together at night. Here are some wonderful ideas to get you ready for bedtime!   

Turn Off Technology 

The blue light that comes off screens can actually keep your mind buzzing evenafter you turn the devices off. Try to limit screen time during the day and aimto turn off devices about 30-60 minutes before bedtime. You can also give youreyes a break too this way!   

Read a Story 

A great way to get settled into a long night of cozy sleep is to read beforebedtime. Grab their favourite book and get snuggly with your child. They willlook forward to the quality time spent together while the stories inspire theircreative minds.   

Prep for Tomorrow 

Getting ready for the next day will help save time in the morning, especially for thosewho enjoy a little bit of sleeping in. Ask your child to pick out their outfitfor the next day and have it ready or have them help with packing their bagswith what they need for the next day. You can also set the example by asking them to help you with your prep as well! This will set a good example that will lead to good habits of organization.   


This is a great time to get things cleaned up. Ask your kids to clean up any toys orschool books left around the house. The end of the day is also a great time toget into a routine of washing. Give them a bath, have them brush their teethand wash their face and put on their pajamas. Settling into a night time routine will also help with their expectations for the night. If they know they will be washing up at around the same time every night, it will be easy-peasy getting them to put away their toys and cleaning up to get ready for bed.   

Hope these tips will help you settle down into a nice routine for bedtime!    

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