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Number Sense

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During a toddler’s early years, introducing number sense just seems natural. Just asthey learn their alphabet, we also naturally want to teach them about numbers and number sense. This helps with providing a strong base for logic and reasoning skills as well. So, what are some fun ways to help with this? We are glad you asked! Read on for helpful tips on building your child’s number sense.    

Counting Songs 

Songs that include numbers and counting help with teaching what naturally comes nextin a sequence of numbers. For example, if the song is counting up, it will reinforce the idea of adding to the list. The same is true for when it is counting down. Some great songs we like are: Five Little Ducks, Alice the Camel and Ten in the Bed.   

Counting Toys 

When playing with toys, you can easily include counting by asking your toddler tocount how many toys they have. As kids also learn by observing others, you can count as you pick up toys when cleaning up. Repetition helps with learning their numbers. Toys that also encourage counting like abacuses are also great to have!   

Comparison Game 

You can include different games to play while teaching them about numbers. Forexample, you can use bins to separate different toys and compare which bin has more toys or less toys. You can also ask your toddler to count the toys in their bin and compare that number with your own bin.    


A great way to incorporate number sense into your daily routine is to have acalendar handy. Each day, you can ask your toddler to change the calendar to show the correct “date.” They will be able to see the number change every day and get a sense of increasing numbers.   

Finger Counting 

Whenever you are counting, use your fingers to show your toddlers how to count. They canthen visually see the fingers increase or decrease, which adds to their understanding of numbers.    

Learning starts at home. We hope these tips help with building your child’s sense ofnumbers!   

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