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Quiet Time

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Growing up, children are constantly surrounded by lights, sounds, smells and other sensory experiences that allow them to learn about their world. Not only that, they have loving parents and family members cooing, talking and playing with them all the time. It’s definitely a fun time for kids! So, when they actually get some alone time, the benefits are quite astounding. Who knew quiet time could be so helpful? Read on for the awesome benefits of quiet time!

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Benefit #1: Increases Attention and Focus

When children get time on their own, in a safe environment, this helps with their development of attention and focus. They are able to have less outside distractions and are able to use their senses and experience the world on their own.

Benefit #2: Builds Confidence

When they are spending time playing by themselves or doing other activities without others, they are building confidence within themselves to be able to enjoy and do activities on their own. This builds confidence by allowing them the time to do and repeat different actions such as painting, building blocks or going on imaginary adventures with their toys. Over time, they will feel confident in doing new things because they have had practice doing other activities.

Benefit #3: Builds Independence

Playing and doing things on their own, while being in a safe place, also allow children to work on being independent. They learn to rely on their abilities and have fun doing it too!

Benefit #4: Increases Creativity

Have you ever watched a child playing on their own and making up stories while doing so? This is wonderful to watch because they are using their faculties of imagination while being creative. Allowing them time to do this on their own will increase their creativity.

Benefit #5: Allows Rest Time

Quiet time also allows times of rest between moments of excitement and busyness. If your child is feeling overwhelmed, they can take a rest and relax to reset themselves. We all need time to do that so make time during the day for this. Parents are included here too. We all need a break!

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Quiet time is a wonderful time to relax, rest and rejuvenate. Have you had your quiet time today?

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