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Christmas Time!

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It’s that time of the year again when we come together to celebrate another Christmas season! And although this year may look different, the spirit of Christmas is still within us all!

So, how do you celebrate Christmas? Do you have any family traditions? Here are a few activities we enjoy doing at Christmas time!

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Christmas Tree

This really sets the scene, especially at home. Whether it is a real tree or a plastic one, decorating the tree is a traditional activity that starts off the Christmas season. Think: ornaments, lights, and a shiny star topper for the tree!

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Gift Exchange

At Christmas, gift giving is a way to show our gratitude and love for our friends and family. This is definitely what kids look forward to! Reinforce the spirit of giving by having your kids actively involved in choosing gifts or making gifts for others to show them the importance of giving and not just receiving.

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Christmas Treats

Another fun activity to do during this time is making yummy Christmas treats! You can decorate a gingerbread house or bake sugar cookies for Santa! Yum!

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Christmas Songs

Getting into the Christmas spirit definitely has a soundtrack. Whether you enjoy traditional Christmas carols or fun pop tracks, listening to Christmas songs will definitely get you into the Christmas groove this year!

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Christmas Parties

Finally, Christmas is all about getting together with those you love. We love a good party and having fun! You can play games, give gifts and eat a delicious meal all while spending some quality time with each other.

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From all of us to all of yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! Stay safe, healthy and happy!

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