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An education in English is not complete without learning about the alphabet! Those 26 letters are a preschool staple and for good reason. Communication comes from expressing thoughts and feelings and one way is through words and language. So when it comes to teaching the alphabet, what are the best practices? Read on!

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The Alphabet Song

The classic song is perfect for teaching the alphabet. Have you noticed it has the same melody as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”? Fun fact. Anyway, this song is perfect for teaching the alphabet for its easy melody and lyrics (the alphabet of course!).

Flash Cards

Flash cards make it easy to visually teach the alphabet. Look for ones that also associate the letter with a word and image that begins with the letter. This also helps those who learn visually.

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Along with teaching the alphabet, it is also important to teach the phonetic sounds that go along with the letters. Using hand movements to correspond with the sound can help – think wave motions for “w – water”.

Sensory Activities

To help engage students while learning about the alphabet, use sensory activities that highlight letters. For example, children can finger paint a large letter A or use ear swabs to paint it. Using their fine motor skills also gets them used to the shapes of the letters.

26 letters yet the possibilities are endless! Teaching the alphabet is F-U-N!

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