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Halloween Party Activities

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If your neighbourhood isn’t into celebrating Halloween with the door-to-doortrick-or-treating tradition, take the party inside and get your own party going! Make treats and invite your kids’ friends or classmates over for a fun afternoon or evening!    

To get things started, set up a treats table with cute Halloween inspired treats!You can even get the kids involved in making ghost cookies or monster brownie bars.    

Then gather everyone together to play games! This is the best part about throwing aparty – it’s all about the games! Here are three fun ones to try this Halloween!   


Get a bunch of mini-Jack-O-Lantern baskets and a bowl full of candy. Have eachchild take turns throwing the candy into the baskets. They get to keep whatever makes it into the baskets! Alternatively, instead of candy, you can have little toys or useful items, such as erasers, to throw, giving them the chance to take home awesome loot!   

Pumpkin Pop 

For this cool game, write out different prize names on paper and stick them intothe balloons to be claimed after the game is done. Blow up the balloons and organize them into the shape of a giant pumpkin. Kids will take turns throwing kid-safe darts at the balloons. This is a great game that will also work their fine and gross motor skills.    

Halloween Bingo 

Always a crowd-pleaser, Halloween Bingo is super fun! You can find lots of templatesfor Bingo cards online. This is a great game for the whole family as well so definitely try this at your next Halloween Party!   

Throwing your own Halloween Party has never been more fun with these games to play!   

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