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Cleaning Routines At Home

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Keeping your home safe also means keeping it clean. When it comes to your home, what routines are you implementing to make sure germs are at bay? Here are a few of our essential cleaning routines that keep a home healthy and happy!

Cleaning the Floor

Keeping the floors clean is easy to do with a broom or vacuum cleaner. This keeps food crumbs, dust, hair and other particles away. Making sure the floors are clean also helps with toddlers who love spending time playing on the floor and possibly putting food in their mouths.

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Cleaning Rooms

When it comes to cleaning the house, make sure to hit all of the rooms: the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and other spaces. Wipe down surfaces and don’t forget the door handles! Lots of germs can accumulate there so be sure to clean those as well!


Keep those clothes clean by doing laundry regularly. Some things that can also be laundered are stuffed toys, certain slippers and dishcloths. Remember to wash the bed sheets and pillow covers on a regular basis to keep bed bugs and other germs away.

Cleaning Toys

One often forgotten category for regular cleaning is toys! Children are always touching them and putting them in all different places (like their mouths), so be sure to do toy sanitation on a regular basis!

Cleaning Shoes

This may not seem like something on your to-do list, but shoes are also something that could use a good cleaning every now and then. When they are worn inside the house, they still track in dirt, mud and other germs. Be sure to include them in your cleaning routine.

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What are some of your cleaning routines? Having good cleaning routines builds good habits at home to stay healthy and happy!

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