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Working With Themes

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At Busy Bee, we introduce new ideas through our themes. Every week, we have a different theme we use to incorporate new words, art projects and other activities. Children love learning about the world this way and we encourage theme-based lessons!

We also encourage continued learning at home and with our themes, it is easy to reinforce and create your own themed lessons at home. Here are some ways to do that and to keep the fun going even after school ends for the day.

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A great way to talk about different themes at home is to find stories related to the themes. There are many sets of books for early readers and many have themes that are already discussed at school. Some themes include farm animals, food, family, and transportation. While reading, you can talk about the different words they encounter and come up with your own versions of the story endings.

Art Projects

Getting creative at home is always a fun way to spend time with your little ones. You can use paint and canvases to create your own masterpieces of art related to the theme of the week or make something crafty with your hands. Look around the house for simple everyday items that can be used in your art projects.

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Themed Games

A great way to talk about different themes is to play games related to the themes. For example, for our Spider Theme, we created a web maze on the floor and asked students to walk along the web. It was an awesome sensory activity that incorporated the idea of a spider web. Definitely a hit among the youngsters! What kind of games will you think up? The possibilities are endless!

Working with themes makes learning fun and entertaining! We hope your days at home are just as fun as their days at school!

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