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Confidence Building Tips

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Building confidence in your child takes time, especially when you are creating a good,solid foundation for self-esteem. It really happens in those everyday moments that add up during their childhood and remembering that they are keen observers may remind you to be a good role model for their behaviour. Here are some tips that will help with this very important part of their journey!   

Learn New Things 

When it comes to building lasting confidence, a simple way to help is to teach yourchild to learn new things. When they start to do things on their own, they will naturally become more confident in their own abilities. Two examples could be learning to pour their own drinks and learning to ride a bicycle. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and to build confidence in them!    

Praise Wisely 

Building their confidence and self-esteem will definitely include giving them feedbackin the form of praise. However, give praise wisely and when it is well-earned. The danger is in overpraising. Additionally, praising effort over end results will benefit them in the long-run. Children will learn that the effort they are putting in is what matters. They are likely to succeed more when they are praised for their effort!   

Lead By Example 

You are their first teachers and who they look up to. Be the shining example forthem on how to treat others and how to respect others and themselves. Children are very keen observers, especially in the early formative years, so make sure they are seeing you lead by example. Being a good role model will help them understand what good behaviour is. When they are in alignment with good morals, their confidence will surely soar because they will be just like their heroes – YOU!   

Banish Harsh Criticism 

When it comes to criticism, it is far too easy to fall into the negative trap ofpointing out what they shouldn’t be doing. Everyone falls victim to this at some point in their lives. What to do instead? Try to focus on the correct behaviour or to talk about solutions instead of the problem. When children hear negative comments about their behaviour, they will feel hurt and it will harm their self-esteem. Focus on what they can do next time the situation happens. That way, they will learn that they can always try again and do even better next time!   

Building confidence in your child takes time and patience. This journey is definitelyone to savour as you help your child become more confident in themselves and their abilities!   

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