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Summer Motor Skills Activities

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Summer is a great time to get those motor skills working and ready for the next schoolyear, especially for writing. These activities also keep busy hands busy and keep the summer fun going! Read on for some great activities to try today!   

Cutting Activity 

A simple and effective exercise to try is cutting lines. You can create your ownor print some templates from the internet. You can also challenge your kids to cutting out shapes like circles and triangles. Pro tip: make ice-cream cone collages from the shapes!   

Watermelon Craft 

A cool craft to try, that also utilizes fine motor skills, is to make a paperwatermelon and to hole-punch the seeds with a hole-puncher! This common office item is a great tool to use that really works those tiny hands. If you are a bit nervous with scissors, try the hole-puncher first!    

Water Table with Ice Cubes 

Next time you play with your water table, add in some cool ice cubes to liven it up!Kids love this sensory activity and you can use different toys to help kids learn to pour and play with water. Add lots of ice cubes and have them try to “fish” for ice cubes with spoons or cups.    

Shimmery Sensory Bin 

Kids love sensory bins and for summer, you can make some special ones for theseason! Think beach theme with shells and sand or dyed rice. Add in some shimmery pieces like shiny plastic stars or large rhinestone pieces. You can even make a pirate themed bin with hidden treasure! The ideas are endless and while they play, they will be working their fine motor skills. Win-win!   

Get your kids ready for school by working their fine motor skills all summer long!   

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