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Newsletter: August 2021!

Come see the buzz!

Hello Parents!

We are in August now and we are halfway into our summer camp program! The themes from the previous 4 weeks included: 

Ancient Egypt, Snakes, Fairy Tales, and Travel! The last several themes will include polar bears and penguins, space, and garden party to wrap up our summer themes this year!


We have started recruiting for our fall term and there are some remaining seats still available but they will be gone soon so please call and reserve yours today! We have updated themes and some new activities that have been added to this year’s curriculum. We are very excited to get started in September when Busy Bee turns 11 years old!

同时,下学期的招生也在陆续进行中。在新学期中,我们有不断更新精彩纷呈的主题,也有新增加的课程内容等待小朋友们去探索。在Busy Bee成立11年之际,欢迎您来咨询加入我们的大家庭!

We also have several open houses this month at some of our centers around Shanghai. 


Our newest bee center, Minhang center will have its open house on August 7 and 21. 


Our Xuhui 3 Center will have its open house on August 22. 徐汇3中心也会在8月22日举行开放日。

Our Long Yang Centre will have its open house on August 15. 


This summer we have also piloted the first-ever, WONDER BEE program for our alumni students that are too old to attend our regular summer camps. So far it has been a great success, here are some pictures of their adventures! Their camp includes many outings and they even stayed overnight to attend The world’s biggest astronomy center! We are very excited for the future of this program because it’ll be geared for kids aged 7-10 and we welcome all Bee alumni to come back and attend for the summers! 

Come see the buzz!

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