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Days and Months

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Aside from the alphabet and learning their colours, children in preschool are also introduced to the days of the week and months of the year! This begins their idea of time and how we spend it. To teach them about the different names, here are some ideas worth using!


Flash Cards

By using flash cards, we can easily show them the different names of the days and the months. Have kids pick out the specified days or months as a game or ask a student to replace each new day with the correct card. Using Velcro to attach them on a board or wall makes it fun and eye-catching as well as easily removable.



This is a staple during our Circle Times! We have a separate song we sing for the days and for the months. This gets kids used to hearing the names and helps them learn by repetition. Pro tip: use hand and arm movements to go along with the song!


Class Calendar

Having a class calendar is a wonderful tool to help kids remember that the days change. They will also start to recognize the pattern of days and what day follows each one. To focus on getting kids to say the names of the days and months, a great method we use is to ask them what day it is or what month it is.


Special Days

Finally, you can name each day to represent something that happens on that day. At Busy Bee, we have named our days as follows: Happy Monday, Math Tuesday, Story Wednesday, Science Thursday and Fun Friday! This helps them keep track of the days as well as the special activities we do on those days.


When learning about the days and months, repetition is key! Have fun!


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