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The Weather

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A great topic to talk about during Circle Time with kids is the weather. It’s a topic of choice for everyday conversation and something that affects us all! Discussing the weather allows children to observe the many different climates they experience, which adds to their understanding of the world around them. At Busy Bee, we love talking about the weather and teach it with different techniques.

Flash Cards

Weather flash cards are great because kids see a visual representation of the weather. You can make cards to show different types of days such as: sunny days, cloudy days, rainy days, snowy days, windy days, stormy days and foggy days.

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Weather Wheel

Another useful tool to use when talking about the weather is to use a weather wheel. Have children spin the arrow in the middle to point to the weather of the day. It can also be easily made during art time for kids to take home and use at home!

Dressing Up

When talking about the weather, another great idea is to include what we wear during certain days. For example, you can have children try on different items like rain boots or raincoats when talking about rainy days. For winter weather, you can have kids show what they wear to keep warm with scarves, mittens and winter jackets.

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Science Projects

To make a lasting impression and to inspire young minds, bring science into the mix to explore different weather systems. A couple interesting science projects are: make a rain gauge; build a weather vane; and twister in a bottle.

Weather Songs

Finally, there are lots of great weather songs to get kids engaged and singing about the weather. Look for songs with repetition and create fun movements to go along with the lyrics.

So, how’s the weather? The forecast calls for bright days ahead with these awesome weather ideas!

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