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Music In The Classroom

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Using music in the classroom is a staple. It gets the kids energized, entertained and engaged! Not only are children learning to sing in English, but they are also learning through repetition. Here are some ways to use music effectively in your classroom!

Setting Routines

When it comes to Circle Time, opening and closing it with songs help to get the children focused and engaged. It’s a great attention grabber and also helps with setting a good standard for routines. At our centres, we like to begin with the Good Morning song and end the day with the Good-Bye song.

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Movement Songs

When working with children, it is always a good idea to incorporate different movements to enhance sensory engagement. Many songs are repetitive to allow for repetition of arm, hand or full body movements. Some great ones are: Five Little Ducks, The Hokey Pokey Song and If You’re Happy and You Know It.

Learning The Basics

Another great part about using music in the classroom is that it aids greatly in teaching the basics. Children can learn all about the alphabet, days of the week, months of the year, numbers and about the weather with songs about them.

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Finally, songs help with memory by having repetitive verses and lines that children learn quickly. By singing lyrics with simple words and phrases, they will begin to recognize the words as well as how to pronounce them. This is a great introduction to learning a new language.

Music is a definite must-have for early education classrooms! So, what’s on your playlist?

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