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Enjoy Bath Time

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When the day draws to a close, the time comes when you get the tub ready for…. Bath time! YAY! We don’t know about you, but we love bath time! It’s all about those rubber duckies and bubble baths!

If you’re looking to see how you can make bath time more fun and enjoyable for your toddler, read on for our tips!

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Bath Time Fun Tip #1: Play Music and Sing Songs

You can instantly create a fun atmosphere with their favourite songs! Turn up the volume and make it a fun time by singing along to their playlist. This turns bath time into a mini-karaoke session for you and your toddler.

Bath Time Fun Tip #2: Add New Bath Toys

Get creative and add new bath toys for them to play with. You don’t need to break the bank on this one, just add new water-friendly toys such as plastic cups, Lego blocks and even sponges!

Bath Time Fun Tip #3: Bath Art

If your little one likes to draw on things, you can use water crayons in the bath! They work on most surfaces and are easy to clean. They will love getting into the bath and making art!

Bath Time Fun Tip #4: Bubble Baths

Bath time wouldn’t be complete without bubbles! Kids love the foamy stuff and bubble bath soap for kids is safe for them! Get clean while playing with foamy bubbles!

Bath Time Fun Tip #5: Story Time

Another way to make bath time fun and enjoyable is to add storytelling to it! There are now waterproof books you can use in the bath and kids can look at pictures while you tell them a story.

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Bath time just got that much more exciting and fun! We hope these tips will help add more magic to your daily routine!

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