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Fall Farm Trips

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Have you ever been to a farm? If you have, then you know how much fun they are! Ifyou haven’t, then it’s definitely time to check one out! Here are some of thefun activities that are usually offered at a family-friendly farm! Hopefully there’sone near you to take your kids to this weekend!   

Tractor Rides 

These are fun to take your children on and most farms provide this to show patronsaround the farm. Take pleasure in viewing the changing colours of the leaveswhile enjoying the crisp autumn air.   

Pick Your Own Fruit or Vegetables 

Depending on what’s available to harvest, you can still get your pick of great fruit on afarm. Another great option is to pick your own fall vegetables such aspotatoes. It’s a great way to stock up for the winter time!   

Petting Zoo 

Some lucky farm-goers can even check out petting zoos on farms. Here kids can get upclose and personal with cute rabbits, ducks, chickens, sheep, ponies, cows anddeer! This is a fun way to connect with animals that they may not always get achance to encounter.   

Pony Rides 

Another wonderful activity for kids at a farm is a pony ride! They are safe forchildren as a trained employee will be guiding the pony around the enclosureand it’s a fun experience for new riders!   

Farm Treats 

Finally, a trip to the farm is not complete without taking home a sweet treat! Mostfarms sell their fresh produce as well as ready-made pies or other delicacies.Be sure to check out their offerings to bring a little bit of their farm home!   

Now is the perfect time to plan your next farm trip! We hope it’s a blast!   

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