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Halloween Treats

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Halloween is celebrated on October 31st every year in North America (mostly),but other places around the world are also partaking in this fun day! Kids getto dress up in costumes and go door-to-door getting treats from neighbours. Houses hang spooky decorations and pumpkins are carved into Jack-o-lanterns!    

As for treats, if your community isn’t actively participating in Halloween, youcan definitely bring the fun home by making your own tasty Halloween treats for your kids and their friends. Here are some cool treats to try this Halloween!   

Healthy Fruit 

To curb the sugary treats you’ll surely have for Halloween, you can use fruitinstead! Add raisins or sugar-free chocolate chips to bananas to make a cute ghost or peel mandarin oranges and add a stick of celery for the stem. Getting creative with fruit is the best part!   

Dracula’s Dentures 

For the cookie lovers, you can create dentures with strawberry jam inside twocookies. For the teeth, use small marshmallows and almond slivers for the fangs! Very scary but tasty!   

Ghost Bars 

For these treats, simply make rice krispie bars (or buy pre-made ones) and decoratethem with coloured icing! Add eyes and fun Halloween colours. These are also great for kids who want to decorate their own bars!    

We hope you enjoy making these fun and tasty treats for Halloween!    

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