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After many many, many years Busy Bee Education can finally say we have a flagship centre! It's been 8.5 years in the making and it all started with a simple idea, to provide a quality all day english program at affordable prices. Never would I thought this simple idea would grow into where we are today and have the opportunity to open a flagship centre in Shanghai.


This journey had many ups and downs but it was through the support of our wonderful parents and amazing team that we can get to where we are today. Busy Bee Education would be nothing without YOU, the parents, students, and teachers.


I'm very grateful for the opportunity to work with such amazing individuals that also share the same vision as I do and I'm overwhelmed by the fact that we, as a team, as a family, are making a difference through education for the benefit of others. We are paying it forward and doing great work even though we still are a small organization. I have high hopes one day we will be able to impact millions of people. Let's keep moving, let's keep working, let's make the BUZZ BIGGER!


"I strongly believe success is a result of good habits, and good habits are best formed at a young age."


Joseph "Jojo" Lee

Principal and Founder


Come join our OPEN HOUSE and find out what the BUZZ! is about! information below.


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