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School Rules

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At Busy Bee, we encourage repetition and routine to better reinforce concepts for the kids. This helps them learn important topics such as days of the week, months of the year and the alphabet. On top of our usual daily concepts, we also talk about our rules at school.

Rule #1: Eyes on the Teacher

We ask kids to remember to keep their eyes on the teacher during class. This helps them focus their attention on what we are instructing them to do, especially during circle times and learning centre times.

Rule #2: Listen to the Teacher

This goes without saying, but listening is such an important skill to learn and master. We start at Busy Bee by asking them to use their ears to listen to the teacher and to what we are teaching them.

Rule #3: Quiet Mouths and Raise Your Hand

Although we love hearing what the children have to say, we do have a rule and that is to raise your hand before speaking. This helps them learn that we need to be respectful of others and to take turns speaking.

Rule #4: Respect Your Friends and Teachers

Kids will be kids and with that may come disagreements or even fights. We completely understand. That’s why this rule is really important in our classrooms. We encourage respect and teach kids to have respect for their friends and teachers. That means not pushing, grabbing or kicking, but rather, sharing and expressing to others or to teachers if they don’t like something their friend has done. We also ask kids to keep their hands to themselves if their peers do not like them touching them.

Rule #5: Sit Like Max/Amy

We go through the rules of the classroom during circle time and so our final rule is to sit like Max or Amy, with our legs crossed and hands in our laps. This helps the children understand how to sit properly when we are having circle time and to have them sitting comfortably while listening to stories and singing songs.

We hope you have found these rules helpful! At the core of what we do, we hope to inspire kids to learn to respect others and themselves, by taking turns, being good listeners and sharing. It all starts with good rules to live by.

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