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Water Games for Summer!

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When the sun’s out and the heat is on, sometimes a bit of fun water play is in order!Get the kids outside for an afternoon with these fun water games you can do right outside your door!    

Pass the Water 

This is a great game to play and one you’ll surely get a bit wet from! With the heatwave, that’s not a bad thing. Use large cups or containers and pass the water from one cup to another. For an extra challenge, pass from behind your head!   

Water Balloons 

Another fun water activity is making water balloons. Simply fill them up with water (noblowing necessary) and tie them up. You can throw them around and have a blast trying not to get hit (or rather, trying to get hit!).    

Kiddie Pool 

If you can’t get to a swimming pool, this is the next best thing. You can blow upyour own kiddie pool and have your little ones frolic all day long! The cool water will make it fun to sit or play with toys in the pool. For an added bonus, add water beads to the pool for extra sensory play!   

Slip and Slide 

This is a great way to play with water while working the gross motor skills. Get along plastic tarp and the hose out and have your kids try sliding on the wet plastic! Make sure you use it over soft grass. You can also get professional ones that have built-in water sprinklers!   

With these water games, you’re sure to keep cool while making the most out of yoursummer!    

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