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Fun Fall Activities

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With fall in the air, we are definitely welcoming the cooler temperatures. You canspend more time outdoors without melting under the summer sun! With this in mind, you can definitely create more magic with your little ones even after summer ends. Make this fall memorable with these cool ideas for fall!   

Fall Scavenger Hunt 

Create a fun scavenger hunt for your toddler around town, the park or even your ownhome. Make up a list of things for them to check off when they see them, such as an orange pumpkin or a squirrel. Then go out and have a great time tracking down the items on your list! Finish with a nice fall treat – maybe a sweet autumn apple or warm apple cider!    

Jumping Into Leaves 

This is a great activity if you have the space and the leaves for it! Rake leavesinto a huge pile on the lawn and then have them jump into the pile! This activity is a classic autumn activity to try if possible and make for great action shots!    

Visita Farm 

During fall, the harvest comes in and many farms are open for business! Check out alocal farm and get your hands on some fresh produce. Some even offer fun activities for kids, such as tractor rides and pumpkin carving. Make it a day trip and support your local farming community!   

Autumn Arts & Crafts 

With autumn comes the natural falling of leaves and acorns. This is a great time togather up nature’s treasures to make cool arts and crafts projects! You can do leaf rubbing, paint acorns or create stamp art with apples. The ideas are endless and your kids will have a great time creating wonderful art with things they find outside!   

We hope these activities help create a fall to remember for you and your littleones!   

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